Lawrence Motor Company is a very small, Family/Firefighter Owned and Operated pre-owned dealership. located in rural Johnson County. We offer all makes and models of vehicles, but we specialize in Ford Mustangs.

Benefits of our small inventory:

· We thoroughly drive each car to verify that it is in the best driving condition possible. We fix everything we need to before listing the car for sale.

· We take great care in cleaning each and every car, so you buy the cleanest car possible.

· Our small size allows us the freedom to run our business with significantly low overhead. Whereas massive corporate lots require a tremendous amount of manpower and upkeep to stay in operation, Lawrence Motor Company intimate space is easier to manage, preventing us from having to raise prices.

For an amazing deal on an excellent used car, come on out and visit us.

We do not rebuild wrecked or damaged cars. The 1967 Mustang coupe is a family restoration project. We will only sell cars that have clear and clean (non salvage or rebuilt) titles.

We Do Not offer financing.

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